Uprooting Weeds Is Not Just A Gardening Concept

As a gardener, you understand the importance of making sure weeds are uprooted as fast as possible. Weeds choke out the beautiful flowers, and plants, you’re working so diligently to grow. The thing is ripping a weed is not only something that must be done in the garden, but serves as a metaphor for many other areas in life.

Many self-help gurus will talk about uprooting all the negative thoughts in your mind, and replace them with good, positive, thoughts. If you have a family member, or friend, who does more harm in your life, than provide real value, then it’s time to uproot that person out of your life, and replace them with somebody you are going to want to be around more often.

crowns added on dental implantsAnd this weed theory is not only a metaphoric concept that works well, it’s also a practical one in the physical world. For example, patients suffering from oral disease, in many cases, need a certain amount of teeth extracted, and replaced with dental implants, before they can see their oral health start to improve. This technology was not available to our forefathers, but it is available today; and as it is, then why not get started taking advantage of it?

If you have been examined, and the prescription is a dental implant; then get started making that happen today, rather than tomorrow. Remember the weed theory, the longer you allow certain negative influences to continue moving about in your world, the more damage it produces. Get rid of it, and replace it with something better.

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Basic Landscape Design Elements


Having an attractive garden can be very achievable.  You can have a very warm and inviting garden without limiting your imagination!

You can have the garden of your dreams by incorporating these basic landscape design elements:


Repeating the same plants in various parts of the garden creates unity.


Distribute your plants equally and asymmetrically.


Keep all garden features in scale with your house.


Be creative when choosing what plants and decors you put in your garden.


Consider having loads of different things for the garden and choose one garden feature that could be the piece that will catch everyone’s eye.

If you have any trees in your garden, make sure they have been trimmed well.  Beautifully crafted trees can have a big impact on the over-all look of your garden.  Tree care by majestictreetrimming.com is the best in the market.  They give a very reliable service and can provide you with the best deals.  Visit their website for more information.

Following the simple guide provided can make a big difference in making a beautifully laid out garden. And remember, no matter how nice it is to fill your garden with all the beautiful plants and decors you can find, it is very important to resist the urge to fill every empty space.


Landscape Gardening


Top Image

Most of us has looked at beautiful gardens and wondered how we can have the same.  Landscaped gardens can be achievable if we follow the steps below:

1. Create a clear vision of what you want to achieve

Choosing a theme for your own garden is the first thing you should do before you start any landscaping.  Once you have decided on a theme, the rest should just follow.

2. Visualise the vision

You can do this by creating a mood board by either cutting pictures from magazines or printing them off the internet.  You can also create one online through Pinterest which has a lot of interesting photos and articles you can get ideas from.  Having a mood board gives you a clearer idea on what you really want to achieve and the look you want to go for.

3. Finalise your mood board

After looking into a lot of different photos and reading articles, it is time to rate everything.  Finalise your list by leaving out the ideas that you like the most.  This might be a bright garden, cluttered, minimalist, country, city garden or modern.  Remove the items in your mood board that does not fit into the pattern.  This can be a bit tricky but this part is very important so you can be left with the exact theme you wish to have.

4. Three colour rule

Bright garden

Sticking to a three colour rule is the way to have a stylish garden.  Be strict for the colours you choose for your plants, pots, and anything else that you want to put in your garden.  Look at your mood board and pick out the top three colours that stand out more among the others.  The most common three colours for gardens is grey, green and white.  This makes the garden look very bright and airy which is what most of us want to achieve.  For others who want it to be a bit more on the colourful side, they swap grey for orange.  Having a three colour rule will help you find it easier to pick out your plant, paint, paving, and accessories choices.

5. Walls and boundaries

Landscape Garden

Boundaries can either be walls, hedges or fences.  It is a massive factor in the look you want to achieve for your garden.  Designers tend to do a lot of work in these areas that is why in most gardens, it is the most prominent thing that we see.  Take your time to plan out what you want to do in these boundaries to make sure that it will draw the whole thing together.  It will be well worth it to invest on this by either replacing or repainting what you may already have.  Ideally, the aim should be to use this large surface area to make your garden look bright and light.

6. Light

White fence

To achieve a beautiful garden, the top tip designers give is to make light essential in your garden.  The reason why fences and walls are to be well thought of because it’s large surface area can either suck up light or bounce it back.  Dark coloured walls and red bricks turn light away.  It is crucial to remember that the more white and reflective surfaces you have, the brighter and lighter your garden will be.  This will make it look cleaner and much more pleasing to the eye.

7. No hoarding

Time to declutter your garden.  Observe all the pieces that you have put out by taking photos of your garden.  Are there loads of unnecessary clutter like old pots, countless accessories or unneeded chairs?  It is time to take a move and get rid of those.  Decluttering is essential to achieve a designed look.

8. Trim your trees

Do you have any trees in your garden? It is the perfect time to look into having it trimmed or removed if it is already a cause for danger.  Any stumps that have also been left behind should also be removed now. 

9. Re-accessorize

Once you have gotten rid of your old clutter, it is time to set up a whole new clutter by wisely choosing new things to enhance the look of your garden.  Go back to your mood board and see what you have there that you really liked and it is time to put them in.  These might be water features, outdoor lanterns, garden seating, and loads of other little garden decor that you find attractive.  However, do not just pick anything.  Examine each item and make sure they match the colour tone you have.

10. Special pots

One element to make your garden look its best is to have your pots set out to match your theme and colour tone.  You should have a system in where you would put these pots, may it be lining them up by threes or fives, etc.  There are bold and structured containers that can be used as pots and once they are filled up they will be a key ingredient in making your garden look very fancy.  There are loads of ideas to be checked out from pinterest that are worth looking at to achieve this.

11. Designer danger

Unique Furniture

Do not be afraid to go for boldness.  Be brave and pick out that stunning piece that caught your eye.  One unique furniture or garden decor would be a nice final touch for your garden.  This will complete the look and will now be ready for your relaxation and enjoyment.